Brunel University



Brunel University is a research led University in which the last HEFCE research assessment exercise was graded as internationally excellent in engineering research. This has attracted some €15m per annum of external research funding from competitive sources. The Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC) which is part of Brunel University (UBrun) will be involved in the coordination activities as well as research and development work in this project.  BIC attracts external research funding of some €2m per annum and has been highly successful in creating an industrial innovation research resource that sist between the knowledge base and industry, supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application.  UBrun has wide range of knowledge and expertise in the following research areas:

  1. Low cost and robust sensors (Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic)
  2. Electronics – Low power consumption for multiple channels, wireless, high speed, wideband, fast bps, energy harvesting
  3. Signal and image processing and numerical modelling – Noise reduction, signal condition and control (including active vibration control), data interpretation and analysis
  4. Automation and robotics of inspection system

In this project UBrun is responsible for the design and construction of prototype systems for ice protection and removal of ice from propellers using novel ultrasonic guided wave and low frequency forced vibrations produced by electromechanical transducers.